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We know kids. We measure our success in the 10's of thousands of kids we helped get dry! We do it one child at a time. 'You'll understand right away whenever you speak with one of our operators.

We were the first company over 20 years ago that initiated emphasis on working with bedwetting children by using rewards more. We even send our kids a fun Starry Button in the mail when they get to their first 30 dry nights! We understanding what kids enjoy, and know how to help you motivate them to very quick success.

When you decide to do an alarm program, make sure you are giving your child the very best alarm and techniques. Our operators aren't just there to help you with an order. Their primary training is in helping individualize our proven child-friendly techniques for your child and situation. We have suggestions that work with either younger or older children. If you have a teen with the problem, -be sure to speak with an operator about some great approaches.

People are amazed at our one-time complete price. ($53.95). This includes everything you need, The proven SleepDry alarm, batteries, Instructional program that really works, motivational charts and stars, and a fun reward button that kids send for. We have the best guarantee. Plus our wonderful and informative operators are available for any questions you may have.

When it comes time to get these bedwetting problems out of your life forever. We're the ones to trust.

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