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How is the bedwetting alarm any different than our setting an alarm clock?
Your child does not just need to learn to wake up. They need to be taught to recognize their own neuro bladder signals while sleeping. Setting alarm clocks to interrupt in the night or restricting fluids, just doesn't teach children to control bladder urges. Our alarm actually catches them immediately at the onset of wetting, and trains them to become aware of their nighttime bladder function- in real time no delays.

Won't they eventually just outgrow their bedwetting problems?
Yes, but it's the 'how long is it going to take' that is the problem. Our experience, and medical literature, show that only about 14% of bedwetting children will outgrow the problem each year on their own. This means that you are possibly looking at 3-4 years left to endure, causing frustration and complicating sleepovers. Our alarm is such a pro-active solution, because when you have your child wear it all night long it can monitor for any wetness all night long. The training is sure, and always there. We define real success as your child having 21 consecutive dry nights. All children respond just a little different. However, children start responding within weeks, and progress along to this achievement in an average of 8-12 weeks.

Yes, but how does the Sleepdry alarm and program actually work?
The Sleepdry alarm is more than just a moisture sensor. Sure, it will ring loudly to even a drop of moisture. That is just the first part. It's the actual techniques in our instructions that will get you success. We've been here for over 20 years learning all the little helps that really move children along to dry beds quickly. Did you know that medical study literature has long known that parental help is key to getting high success rates? What does this mean to you?-What it means is- when that alarm sounds, you will need to get up and use our great little helps to get your child awake quickly. We have lots of great ideas having the lighting a little higher all night long how best to awaken groggy children how many minutes to keep them up activities to help kids wake up quicker how to walk them around a little.and on and on. On top of this, we believe using our suggested reward systems, really gets kids excited and wanting to sleep dry.

Is bedwetting usually caused by psychological or medical problems?
There are millions of children who wet the bed. This common childhood problem is not often caused by a psychological or medical issue. We do, however, highly recommend that your child is regularly seen by a medical doctor, and that the physician is aware of the bedwetting problems. Be aware that physicians have a lot of years of experience helping with bedwetting difficulties, and can quickly rule out if there are any physical issues present. Your doctor knows your child, and can be a valuable source of information and help.

Why is it that so many Doctors recommend you?
It's as simple as this. Doctors early on recognized what a great value the Sleedry alarm is. Doctors have also seen first hand how their patients are treated and worked with by our knowledgeable and friendly operators. The other thing that they have relied on us for, is our great satisfaction guarantee. We believe in our product, and we support it that way. Many other companies offer short satisfaction guarantees, and some do not even accept returns of open or used product. They never even give you a chance. 'We do! That's why so many thousands of doctors recommend us.

You say the SleepDry alarm can save us money how?
The SleepDry alarm can end the cost of expensive pull-ups and extra laundry. If you add it up, the SleepDry alarm usually saves you hundreds of dollars. But there's another plus, -it also ends the years of frustration and embarrassment this problem brings. So many parents just wait for years hoping something will just happen.when actually the answer is that the kids just need the right kind of tool to help.

What's the most important reason for getting my child dry?
Certainly It would be your child's increased confidence and self esteem. Children are really happy to be dry,-and feel a great sense of accomplishment. Parents also share a great sense of accomplishment when they see that smiling face each morning saying 'Guess what I'm dry again!'

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