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Your privacy is of utmost importance to us. The personal and order information collected on this website is only for order fulfillment, and reasonable internal business transaction. Information is not shared with any other company for the purpose of marketing or advertising. We contractually promise not to sell names , e-mail addresses, or personal information. We never have in the 22 years of our company, and promise never to. Like any company, we do monitor our website general statistics and operation. We do that with an external, secure, and passworded site. Such broad analyzation data is never linked to any specific personal, transaction data.

What's even better about our policies is that after your order elements are fulfilled, you will never be pestered by us with email advertising etc, or anything else. Isn't that refreshing? We wish everyone did business this way, --and so do you.

Our company has put in place every possible level of security to protect you and your information. Our website uses top security software to protect you while browsing and ordering. When you are asked to share sensitive information (such as credit card numbers), the information is fully encrypted and protected with Secure Safe Layer (SSL) technology. When on our secure order page, the lock icon at the bottom of web browsers, for example Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer, becomes locked as opposed to un-locked when browsing. Take a look at our security stickers...we monitor daily for interruption, virus, or security functions.

Your information is protected not just online -but off line as well. All information is stored only in our secure corporate offices, with one backup in a safety deposit box at our bank. Only very few individuals with security clearance, ever have access to information. This clearance is only for the purpose of order fulfillment. Every employee of the company is monitored, aware of, and updated about security policies on a regular basis. Security is a top priority at our company, and constant review and compliance to all procedures are enforced. The only other communication we might ever have is if you identified a health care professional that specifically recommended us, and you informed us of such. We do have a few links with top-flight individuals with national reputations for helping children. However, if you go to those sites, please check out their own independent policies.

We believe there is no more secure company to do business with than StarChild/Labs. We have the reputation, contractual promise, and software in effect to secure your privacy. We warrant that in the over 20 years we have been in business, we have never had even one breach of any security or privacy issue.

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