You really can help your child Stop BedwettingTM

The SleepDry™ system -
a sensitive approach

Understanding the bedwetting child.
Most bedwetting children are unable to recognize the body's natural signal of bladder fullness. The bedwetting child lacks the ability to awaken and use the bathroom, or control the bladder till morning. Coaxing, limiting fluids, or waking them in the middle of the night doesn't work. Children need help from a monitor that can be there all night long.

How the SLEEPDRY alarm stops bedwetting.
The alarm sounds at the first sign of moisture, and interrupts the wetting process. The SLEEPDRY alarm conditions the child to quickly recognize bladder fullness, and awaken before wetness occurs. Complete success usually takes just four to twelve weeks.

A child-friendly approach to the problem.
The SLEEPDRY system uses an advanced motivational program developed in consultation with a leading clinical psychologist specializing in enuresis treatment. Included in the program are fun reward materials, and many effective techniques.

Easy and simple to use

Easy snap-on attachment.
The small SLEEPDRY alarm snaps onto pajama top or t-shirt, and the wetness-sensor also snaps onto regular underpants.

Children enjoy using the program.
The 'Star' character on the alarm is presented as a friend that helps the child earn their own Starry Reward Button after 30 dry nights. Children have fun, and cooperate well.

Highly effective with older children too.
Included in the program are suggestions for using the alarm with a more mature child. They'll gain confidence for sleepovers.

Completely safe and reasonably priced.
The SLEEPDRY alarm is a natural approach-no medication-no side effects. The entire SLEEPDRY program costs just $53.95* The SLEEPDRY alarm is so successful that we offer a complete satisfaction guarantee**

*Plus postage and handling
**See Terms and Conditions

Best Alarm for deep-sleepers

The Sleepdry Alarm is better than other alarms, because it is loud enough for kids and parents to hear!

Snaps to regular underwear, then pull-ups can be worn over the top to keep everything dry for first few weeks of training.

Pull-ups is a registered trademark of Kimberly Clark Corp.

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