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Watch out for Imposters

Starchild Labs has manufactured and sold the Original and Only Sleepdry ™ Alarm for over 20 years.

Some people have tried to capitalize on our name to sell different products costing hundreds of dollars. Please be very careful to make sure you are purchasing the reasonably priced Sleepdry Alarm produced by us (Starchild Labs.) Be particularly careful of any company that does not offer an 800 phone number contact and provides no real pricing information (they may cost hundreds! of dollars) and just ask you to leave typed in information. They may not be doing business as a properly registered company. Starchild/Labs monitors and enforces all of its trademark and copyright properties. If you ever see any infringers, we would like to encourage you to contact us as soon as possible with the details. We are the only ones with the Trademark rights to use the Sleepdry name.

SleepDry is a trademark of StarChild Labs.

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